Grant Ravenscroft, an entrepreneur and lover of all things luxurious, opened the doors of his shop CROFT & CO in Parkview, Johanesburg in 2006. Specialising in exclusive and quality goods sourced from around the globe and not easily found elsewhere in South Africa,
CROFT & CO has established a reputation as a destination shop for quality gifts, a great cup of coffee, good conversation, personalized service, and on the weekends, a cigar with Grant and some of the regulars.

Although the focus is on men's gifting, Grant recognizes that women love to shop and so he stocks a selection of women's gifts too.

In the men's line you will find brands like: Truefitt & Hill shaving products, Jack Spade bags, Reyn Spooner shirts and swimwear, Riedel glassware, and many more.

For the ladies, Croft & Co has become a regular stop for those stylish people wanting the latest Kate Spade bags from New York – which can't be found anywhere else in SA. Grant also stocks a range of Kate Spade homeware, luxurious candles, chocolates and other desirable items.

CROFT & CO has an extensive cigar collection. On the weekends, the planted yard at the back of the shop becomes a meeting place for some of Grant's regular customers who have also become his close friends to gather for a cigar, coffee and good conversation.

Croft & Co is as much about luxurious gifting as it is about Grant's connection with his clients and his desire to delight his customers.